New changes in IIT-JEE 2016

08-Nov-2015 4:42 PM

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Major changes suggested by the CEP-


No weightage of board marks for NITs

They have recommended that the NITs also need not take admission based on board marks


National Aptitude Testing Services

A series of National Aptitude Tests (which will be online exams) will be conducted 2 or 3 times a year. These tests will analyse a student’s scientific thinking ability, and will be used to shortlist 4 lakh students for JEE Advanced (instead of the JEE Main). Based on the JEE Advanced, 40,000 students will be shortlisted for joint counselling to NITs, IITs and GFTIs.


IITs to help students prepare for JEE Advanced

To reduce dependence on coaching centers, the CEP has recommended that the IITs themselves conduct mock tests and other services to help students better prepare for the JEE Advanced.


The MHRD has put these suggestions in the public domain.

All of these suggestions are made aiming to reduce the dependence on coaching classes to get into the IITs/NITs. For the same purpose, the quality of education in schools needs to be improved. These suggestions shall be put into effect in the year 2017 or 2018.


The system for JEE 2016-


Weightage will continue to be given for board marks in JEE Main

However, there will be no board marks for rankings in NITs and CFTIs.


Increased number of students shortlisted for JEE Advanced

The number of students shortlisted for JEE Advanced from the JEE Main is increased from 1.5 lakh to 2 lakhs.


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