What are some of the websites that every school/college student should know about ?

26-Oct-2015 12:03 PM

Answers (1)


1. https://www.coursera.org/ - Collection of great online video lectures

2. NPTEL website - Video lectures from different IITs and IISc (currently their official website is down but their youtube channels are there)

3. https://www.quora.com/ - Quora, a question answer website for increasing general knowledge, entertainment

4.http://www.passhojao.com/ - To get solved and unsolved previous years question papers of ISC/ICSE board , interactive forum to ask questions. Recently college semester exam papers are also being added. Not much websites for school students you see!

5.http://www.jeequery.com/ - Question answer platform for preparing for engineeing entrance exams with active responders. Here you are :D

27-10-2015 00:12

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