Which are the best coaching classes in India?

What coaching centre to go for, for IIT JEE prep. ?

24-Oct-2015 10:20 AM

Answers (3)


You can see some students from an XYZ coaching excelling in IIT JEE, but the same coaching also has students that do not perform that well.

Coaching Centers can only help you in your preparation as a guide for IIT JEE, in the end it totally depends on your effort.

Hence, one should select an coaching institute from the well known ones out there and enroll in a center which is close, as it makes no sense wasting half a day in travelling to the centre.

Do consult your friends/ seniors , but in the end, make a choice in which you have the most benefit, such as distance, study-circles etc. Make your own effort count.  

24-10-2015 19:25


either of vmc or fiitjee.....don't know about rest

24-10-2015 22:00


you can also try online coaching,EtoosIndia, +91 92142 333 03 / 43

08-03-2018 16:59

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