the line 2x+3y=12 meets x axis at A and the y axis at B. the line through (5,5) perpendicular to AB meets the x-axis,y-axis and the line AB at C,D,E respectively. if O is the origin , then the area of OCEB is:

17-Oct-2015 1:01 PM

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This is an easy question. Find co-ordinate values of A,B,C,D,E.

Then find Area of triangle ODC which is a right angled triangle. So, area(ODC)=(OD*OC)/2.

Then find Area of triangle DBE which is again a right angled triangle. So, area(DBE)=(BE*DE)/2.

Therefore Area of quadrilateral OCEB is area(DBE)-area(ODC).


Please ask question after putting your effort and please attach the way you have tried. Don't just copy paste question here.

05-11-2015 18:48

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