How to find wave speed when given y-direction and a wave equation?

A traveling wave on a taut string is described by the following equation:




Find the speed (in cm/s) of a point on the string when its position in the y direction is 6cm.

I thought I was supposed to use v=ω/k but then I realized the answer wasn't in cm/s. Now I'm thinking that I should use the wave equation.

09-Sep-2015 12:32 AM

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You can use v=w/k, this is the velocity along x-axis. If you know how to find angle made by velocity with x-axis or in other words tangent to cosine curve when cos x=(6/12)=0.5 and then use v(net)=v/cos(angle made with x-axis).

Due to lack of time I am just suggesting one of the way. Similar questions were in HC Verma. Please take a look I exactly do not remember.

05-11-2015 19:04



18-02-2017 00:44

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