snow is falling vertically at a constant speed of 8.0 m/s. at what angle from vertical do the snow flakes appear to be falling as vkiewed by the driver of a car travelling on a straight level road with a speed of 50 km/hr?

28-Feb-2017 9:17 PM

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Hello , Welcome To JEE query Here is The answer to your question

When a Body is thrown upward it trace a Parabolic path while coming to the ground that path is known as Trajectory and the property of the body to trace this path is known as Projectile a body is said to be Projected . It is of 3 types

1 Ground to Ground = When a body is thrown from ground and Reach to the ground after some time.

2 Projectile from Height= When a Body is projected from a Tower or a height

3 Inclined Projectile = When a body is projected from Inclined plane. 

Thank You

Gaurav Kumar

26-03-2017 22:11

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