if two functions f and g are continuous in some (a,b) and both are differently at a certain point in (a,b) then can we say that any combination of these is differentiable or that fog or gof is differentiable at this point ? also if one or both are not differentiable at a point can I say any combination of them is non differentiable or that fog or gof is non differentiable? ( by combination I mean +-/ × etc.)... I'm confused about this thing

05-Oct-2016 12:38 AM

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gof is only defined when range of f is a subset of domain of g. 

If you know and understand, you can answer this question yourself.

fog or gof has got nothing to do in general with whether the functions f and g are continuos or differentiable in any particular interval. It does not make sense to generalize this.

29-12-2016 12:41

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