A nugget of gold and quartz weight 100 g. Sp. gr. of gold, quartz and the nugget is 19.3, 2.6 and 6.4 respectively. Calculate the weight of gold in the nugget.

ans is given as 68.6g . how to solve this?????

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Let 100 g of the nugget contains x g gold. Then the amount of quartz will be (100 – x) .
Now, as the nugget is a mixture of solids, the volume of nugget may be assumed as the sum of volumes of gold and quartz present in it.
 Vnugget = Vgold + Vquartz 
100/6.4 = x/19.3 + (100-x)/2.6
 Mass of gold present, x = 67.92 g

18-09-2016 17:10

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