A particle is projected from the top of a hill with a speed of 20 m/s at an angle of 30 with horixontal. Find the radius of curvature of its trajectory at t= 4 sec.

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1. Find the total range. (lets call it d )

2. find the horizontal distance covered by it in time t = 4. (call it x)

4. the radius will be the min distance of item at t=4  from d/2.

5. distance from d/2 wil be d/2 - x.

6. Draw the right angle triangle joining item, d/2 point 

7. find out the vertical height of the item at t = 4.

8. Now draw the right angle triangle joining d/2, height, and radius.

9. In this triangle you have the angle, 2 lengths. Find the length of hypotenuse of this triangle, which is going to be the radius of curvature.

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