Direction of the flag?

In a harbour wind is blowing at the speed of 72 km/hr and the flag on the mast of a boat anchored in a harbour flutters along NE direction .If the boat starts moving at a speed of 51 km/hr .what is rhe direction of the flag on the mast of the boat.


10-May-2016 1:16 PM

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Velocity of the boat, v = 51 km/h

Velocity of the wind, v = 72 km/h

The flag is fluttering in the north-east direction. It shows that the wind is blowing toward the north-east direction. When the ship begins sailing toward the north, the flag will move along the direction of the relative velocity ( v wb ) of the wind with respect to the boat.

T he angle between v and (– v ) = 90° + 45°

Angle with respect to the east direction = 45.11° – 45° = 0.11°

Hence, the flag will flutter almost due east.

12-05-2016 19:28

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