Jee mains

Today i had my exam of mains.

I marked the wrong bubble in the test booklet code but then with the help of an eraser i corrected it but somehow a bit of print was still left !

i Hope i am not disqualified.

Will it be a problem can i do anything about it?

03-Apr-2016 1:47 PM

Answers (1)


I think there's nothing that can be done now, since the answer sheets are checked by machines only. No manual checking.

I assume you are talking about marking wrong bubble of an answer to a question, and not on filling up your roll no. etc. Most probably, that answer of the question will either be considered unattempted or incorrect, (according to algo used by machines).

(But still behaviour cannot be predicted since it is a machine) 

03-04-2016 19:37

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